Inspired Nutrition

You've tried dieting and getting in shape before. But this time it's going to be different.

Make important, informed changes to your eating habits and lifestyle choices so that you can finally get the body you want and improve your health by following the Inspired Nutrition programme powered by PN Procoach.

Your certified coach will help you overcome challenges that you've probably dealt with for years so that you can get into the best shape of your life - for the rest of your life!

Now is the time to incorporate expert strategies for nutrition into your life.

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If you're curious how the programme works, here's a brief video that gives you a bit more detail.

Our Inspire Nutrition Coaching Programme is a 12 month comprehensive nutritional approach designed to gently overhaul your approach to the way you view, think about, and eat food.

Through this program, you will learn to improving your health behaviors through practicing one habit for two weeks at a time. Once you have that easy-to-do habit mastered, we’ll add another simple habit.

At the end of the program, you’ll have made small, deliberate steps that will lead to massive change in the way that you think about your food and your health.

It's time you got in the best shape of your life!

Who is Habit-Based Coaching for?

My coaching program is for folks who are looking for a better understanding of how their body works. It’s for people who are tired of fighting/hating on their body, and wishing that it was different. 

We work with lots of women who have been trying to lose weight and get in shape for years.  Women who suffer from negative body image and lack of confidence both in themselves and their ability to manage what they eat.

And we know, change is hard!

Most of the women we work with know what to eat and how to exercise, but often other priorities get in the way such as:

  • Family commitments
  • Work Commitments
  • Household Commitments
  • And more...

So knowing what to eat and how to exercise is one thing... actually doing it is another!

This program might be for you if:

  • you know that you diet needs changing
  • you're fed up with feeling unhealthy
  • you've tried every diet under the sun... and then some!
  • You're ready to stop faddy diets and really give your body the nutrition it needs
  • you’re ready to throw away all the food rules you’ve been taught by all of those ‘experts’ that aren’t experts in your body
Weight Loss for Women

Who is Habit-Based Coaching NOT for?

This program isn’t for everyone. It’s not a one-sized-fits-all approach. This program is designed to be all about you. You will discover which foods your body responds well to, and which ones it doesn’t. Through continually evaluating your hunger levels, your cravings, how you’re sleeping, your mood and your responsiveness to stress, we can tailor a diet that is custom to your likes/dislikes and lifestyle.

This program is not for you if:

  • you need to wait until ‘the right time’ to start a program (hint: there’s NEVER going to be a right time!)
  • have a weight-loss goal to be a certain weight within a short time-frame, you can't rush this programme
  • you're looking for a meal plan
  • You don't want to face up to why you eat the way you do
  • You just want someone to tell you what to eat

We will bridge the gap between "knowing what you're supposed to be doing" and finding real-life, workable strategies for actually eating well and staying active in the long run.

Maybe you've know you could do with support for a long time.  Typically, people who do the Inspire Nutrition coaching programme are smart, proactive, achievement-driven people who won't settle for gimmicky diets or quick fixes.

Instead they want long-term, sustainable change.

And that's were we come in.  Both Precision Nutrition and Inspire Fitness have helped people change their eating habits, their bodies and their health from the inside out, once and for all.

Will it work for you?

It doesn’t matter where you are in your health journey – just starting out, or a life-long dieter. We'll meet you where you are now.  BUT if you don’t think that you can be successful in losing weight (or if, deep down you really don’t want to) leave the spot for someone who does.  You must be able to:

  • Fully commit yourself for 12 months. There will be NO pausing the program. Vacations, family illness, job change, whatever. This is life, and this program will teach you how to navigate your eating while you are living that life
  • Have an open mind, and trust the process
  • Know when you need help, and…
  • Ask for help when you need it

Throughout the year we'll provide you with personalised coaching to help you get back in touch with hunger and fullness cues and to develop a health supporting lifestyle to rely on for the rest of your life.  Whatever else is going on in your life, your coach will help you develop workable strategies for prioritizing your health.  In the end you'll be left with effective, sustainable habits to keep you in the best shape of your life.

This programme is available both as an "in-person" programme where you use the facilities at Inspire Fitness for the exercise portion of the programme or you can do the entire programme as an online coaching programme and we'll send you daily workouts to complete along with your lessons and habits.

For more information view our FAQ page here... More Info

In the end, if you're ready to start eating, moving and living better, with help from the world's premier nutrition coaching programme and a PN certified coach, this is your chance.

We'll give you a call to arrange a time we can discuss the programme in more detail.

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