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We don't believe in a "one-size-fits-all" offering.  Although we all share common characteristics our bodies react differently to nutrition and exercise so we offer different options for you to choose from depending on what you want to achieve and how much time you have to commit to a programme.

You'll find brief details of our different programmes here or you can go to the programme pages for more info.  You're always very welcome to give us a call and have a chat if you'd like any further information or if you have questions that we haven't managed to answer here.  We love talking to you.

21 Day Fat Loss Transformation

This programme is designed as a kick-start programme for ladies who have a considerable amount of weight to lose and need to get the ball rolling or for ladies who have an event or holiday coming up that they'd like to drop a few lbs for so that they look and feel their best.

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Nutrition Coaching

This programme is for ladies looking for a lifestyle transformation.  This is a 12 month, habit-based, research driven programme where you'll receive one-on-one coaching from a certified nutrition coach who specialises in weight loss through behavioural change.  There are no quick-fixes in this programme.  It's designed to be a slow-burn, gentle transformation so that the habits you practice have time to become a part of your normal life.

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Exercises for Chronic Pain Resolution 

Imbalances and poor movement patterns can cause dysfunction and pain in the body.  During this programme you will receive a structural assessment which will identify issues that cause chronic pain.  You'll then be coached through a range of corrective exercises designed to improve malalignments and poor biomechanics and ultimately alleviate pain.

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