Be Your Healthiest Weight

We currently run two weight management programmes, Inspired Nutrition and our 21 day transformation programme. You can learn about both by clicking on the tabs below. 

  • inspired nutrition 12 month coaching programme
  • 21 day transformation programme

Our weight loss programme is focussed on techniques of simple behaviour change and the science of good nutrition.

We don't recommend fad diets, major restrictions or even believe that some foods are "good" or "bad". We prefer to think of foods on a continuum of either "better" or "worse" and where a food lies can depend on your goals!

Each of you is an individual and although many people face similar struggles while trying to lose weight, your goals and the journey you'll follow to reach them are very personal to you.

We realise this and our weight management programme is designed around this ethos.

On the programme you will receive:

  • Daily emails
  • Meal plans and Grocery Lists
  • A success manual with hints and tips to help you reach your goal
  • A Recipe Book full of healthy, delicious meals that are easy to prepare
  • Weekly weigh and measure
  • Adherence recording
  • Weekly activity schedule
  • Support and community
  • Accountability (This one is soooooo important!)
  • The opportunity to use a MYZONE belt (including personal web page where you can track your workouts and an app to record food intake if required*)

* You are not required to log your meals and it's not necessary to be successful on the programme but some people find it helpful

Weight Management