Taking Steps to Boost your Health has never been so important

Join our FREE 21 Day Resilient You programme to focus on behaviours that will help you stay healthy and boost your immune system.

The focus of people we're working with has changed significantly.  Rather than worrying so much about aesthetics, we're seeing a whole new wave of Health Seekers.  These are people just like you who are focusing on taking steps to protect their health and the health of those around them.

Our 21 day Resilient You Programme was developed at the start of the pandemic to help people avoid and survive Covid-19 but the behaviours you practice during the 3 week programme are relevant at any time.  

The programme is delivered directly to your smartphone and encourages you to practice habits which promote abundant health with the focus on movement, nutrition, sleep, stress and, dare we say it... alcohol! 🙂

Every day you'll receive information about the habit actions we'd like you to practice and you'll be asked to check-in and let us know how you're getting on.

Don't worry, we're looking for progress, not perfection so if you don't want to practice the no alcohol habit, or any of the others, you don't have to!  But checking-in allows us to see how you're getting on and where we can support you.

What you'll get on the programme

  • Access to our free coaching app
  • Daily Lessons on what you can do to support your health and immune system
  • Simple actionable habits that you can practice to help you build a healthy lifestyle
  • Simple actionable habits that you can practice to help you build a healthy lifestyle
  • A recipe pack with delicious recipes complete with a sample meal plan
  • Daily Check-in so we can provide personalised coaching and support
  • A coach to support you when needed

You can take action to help yourself be and stay healthy... and what's more, it isn't going to cost you a penny!  

This is an opportunity to do one or our amazing coaching programmes absolutely FREE.  Find out how we help change lives for the better now!

Send us your details below and you'll be sent all the information to start the programme tomorrow.

We'll be following you through the programme to help with any questions and give support when needed.  We also promise that we'll never pass your details on to any third parties.  We will only send you content that's relevant to living the best and healthiest life possible.