Hi, it's Ruth here, Nutrition Coach and Owner of Inspire Fitness.


Thanks for clicking to learn a bit more about our programme.  I'm sure you're wondering what makes this one different from the myriads of programmes out there, all being touted as the "one" that'll finally get you results. 

You've possibly tried a few, perhaps lots of other programmes.  Some might have worked and others not so much.  The important thing is you're clearly not happy with the way things are at the moment or you wouldn't be looking and that's where we come in.

First, we're different to normal gyms.  When you step in our gym it has a very community feel about it.  It's small and supportive and we focus on YOU.  When you're on our programme daily check-ins let us know how you're getting on and a coach will be supporting you the entire time.

Second, this programme doesn't include any faddy foods or soul-crushing workouts and it's long enough to get you results but short enough that you can stay on track and motivated.   We know how hard it can be to stay focussed long enough to get real results so we've made it as easy as possible with our 21 Day Transformation programme. 

It features 21 days of:

  • Meal plans & Grocery Lists
  • Personalised, progressive workouts based on your current fitness level 
  • Daily nutrition and behaviour change coaching
  • A private Facebook Group creating a community of women just like you
  • Daily check-in to provide accountability and success tracking via free app
  • Exercise prescription to address muscle imbalances to help prevent future chronic pain conditions
  • Weekly weigh and measure to assess progress including weight loss, inch loss and body fat %
  • Bio-age assessment at the beginning and every 6 workouts

Although it's a short programme, designed to kick-start your healthy living and weight loss, you'll actively practice healthy habits so you've got the resources to continue your transformation journey even after the programme has finished.  

Great programme, having struggled all my life I'm just so grateful to have found this programme.  I've continued the habits and so far have lost 18.25lbs.  Absolutely brilliant.  Totally recommend.

Jackie Lowe

At the end of the programme you'll:

  • Feel physically and mentally strong and energetic
  • Be able to run around with your kids or grand-kids, free of aches and pains or getting out of breath
  • Anticipate the summer with excitement rather than dread because you'll feel confident about how you'll look and feel in summer clothes
  • Look forward to seeing your holiday snaps instead of avoiding the camera
  • Free yourself from cravings and feel like food is your friend, not your enemy
  • Never diet again

We're so confident in the effectiveness of our programme that if you follow it and we don't exceed your expectations we'll give you 100% of your money back, guaranteed, BUT...

You must be serious and willing to commit 100% to the programme, which includes exercise, meal plans, grocery lists, mindset coaching and accountability. 

So, what about results?  To my delight 8.75lbs have been lost and 4.25 inches, all in just 3 weeks.  Also, my sleeping is improving, no more mid-afternoon sluggishness...

Christina Smith

If you're serious about wanting to take back control of your body in 2019 then hit the "Save a Spot Now" button and quickly fill in the form to reserve your place before the half price spots have gone!

We will be in touch with you very soon  to answer any questions you might have and to arrange a time to come and begin your coaching journey with us.  

*Results may vary and depend on starting weight, adherence to the programme and intensity of workouts.  We have had ladies lose much more than 10lbs over the course of the programme.  10lbs is the average weight lost over the last 8 iterations.

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