BIG ANNOUNCEMENT *** New equipment brings the future of strength training to Inspire Fitness

In case you’ve been living under a rock recently and have missed our emails and announcements we’ve got big changes about to happen at Inspire Fitness.

The machines that we’ve had for the last 12 years are about to be replaced with new, state of the art, electronic machines from eGym that will adapt for every user.

30 minute guided training programmes suitable for any fitness level or ability deliver an engaging and motivating workout that requires not adjustments or wasted time and every workout is personalised to the user to help them achieve their fitness goals faster – whether that’s Body toning, General Fitness, Weight Loss, Athletic Performance, Muscle building or Health.

The health programme is further split into Rehab for those returning from illness or injury and Metafit, a programme proven to help diabetics manage long-term blood sugar levels.

Regular strength measurements determine the optimal weight and provide feedback on progress.  It’s no longer just a feeling that you’re getting stronger, you can see that you really are!

A free accompanying app gives instant access to training plans, workout tracking and measurement results including muscle imbalances and biological age.  In addition, as users workout they collect points which can be used to compete against themselves or friends and other gym members making the whole process of exercise fun.