Super boost your superfood – brocolli (and other veg!)
We all know that vegetables are good for us right?  And lots of us know that cruciferous vegetables are really,[...]
Healthy eating will always include foods that reduce inflammation
Inflammation. This topic seems to be absolutely everywhere these days. Who in the health and wellness field is NOT talking[...]
Member Feature – Debbie Ash
This months member feature focuses on Debbie Ash who's quite a bit awesome! Debbie is an absolute inspiration to anyone[...]
Member Feature: Jill Maton
This month's member feature focuses on someone who's a fairly recent addition to the Inspire Fitness family, Jill Maton.  Jill's[...]
Recipe (soaked almonds): Almond Vanilla Latte Smoothie
Here's a healthy latte recipe that's dairy free and tastes really decadent! Serves 1 ¼ cup almonds, soaked overnight &[...]
Should you avoid Nuts and Seeds as you age?
Phytic Acid, The Mineral Reducer – Just another scare story? As we get older our digestions changes and we don't[...]
Member Feature – Michaela Bright
Our new member feature posts are designed to acknowledge members who are particularly aspirational.  We know that every single one[...]
How to balance your blood sugar
Most people know that blood sugar levels have a direct impact on their health and wellness and that uncontrolled blood[...]
Stop “shoulding” all over yourself!
You know you do it.  We all do it. We’ve all got them – shoulds!  I should exercise more.  I should[...]
What our members say… Christina Smith’s experience of our 21 Day Transformation Programme
Having recently returned to gym-life after a break of about a year due to pesky minor health problems, I decided[...]
How Do You Get Enough Vitamin D And Why Should You?
We know all vitamins are super-important for health, right?  But vitamin D is special. It’s common for vitamin D to[...]
Adrenal Fatigue – What is it and what to do about it
There’s lots of focus in the media at the moment about stress and the implications it has on our health. [...]
Recipe (Gut food fibre, Brain food omega-3): Blueberry Hemp Overnight Oats
Serves 2 1 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen) 1 cup oats (gluten-free) 1 cup almond milk 1 tablespoon chia seeds[...]
The Gut-Brain Connection: How To Feed Your Brain
Got a “gut-feeling”?  It’s more than just an old wives’ tale.  There’s research now that shows a direct connection between[...]
Recipe – Zingy Salsa Salad
Courtesy of The Medicinal Chef - Dale Pinnock from his book Healthy Everyday This is a great recipe for a[...]
Recipe (Coconut Oil): Homemade Healthy Chocolate
Serves 12 ⅓ cup coconut oil, melted 1 cup cocoa/cacao powder 4 tablespoons maple syrup 2 dashes salt 4 tablespoons[...]
The Coconut Oil Craze – Should You Believe the Hype?
Confused by all the hype out there about what foods to eat and what to avoid?  You’re not alone.  Take[...]
The truth behind artificial sweeteners
Without doubt you’ll be aware of the negative health effects of eating too much sugar, especially "added sugars" like in[...]
Raw vs. Cooked – Which Contains More Vitamins and Minerals?
Fed up of cooking every day?  Then perhaps you like what the advocates of a raw food lifestyle suggest, that[...]
Is My Pooh Normal?
Yes, I'm serious! (And don't you sometimes wonder anyway?) Lots of things change as we age including our digestive system[...]
Recipe (dairy-free probiotic): Super-Simple Coconut Milk Yogurt
Serves 6 2 cans full-fat coconut milk2 probiotic capsules, Open the probiotic capsules and empty contents into the blender. Blend[...]
Five Weight-Loss Friendly Snacks to Try
Transforming your snacking habits can transform your body! The words “weight-loss” and “snacks” don’t often appear in the same sentence[...]
Is walking enough?
“I don’t really need to exercise, I walk a lot!” We hear this quite a lot and it’s fabulous that[...]
The Importance of Active Ageing
The UK population is getting older.  According to the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS), almost a fifth of the[...]
Recipe (Vegetable Dip): Hummus
Makes about 2 cups 1 can chickpeas (garbanzo beans), drained & rinsed⅓ cup tahini1 garlic clove2 tbsp sesame oil2 tbsp[...]
Can My Aches and Pains Actually Be a Food Intolerance?
Our last blog post was all about digestive enzymes and we touched on the subject of food intolerances, so I[...]
Recipe (Stress-reducing bath salt): Lavender Bath Salts
Here's a recipe with a difference. This one's not to eat but to help you de-stress. Per bath 2 cups[...]
All About Digestive Enzymes
At a time of year when many of us have over-indulged it’s important to think about our gut-health.  During this[...]
Is Stress Making you Fat? How to Naturally Lower The Stress Hormone (Cortisol)
STRESS!!! Its causes are absolutely everywhere. Would you agree? Our natural “fight or flight” stress response can sometimes go a[...]
Common Weight Loss Myths Busted
Weight loss advice is so common (and contentious) now. There are competing opinions everywhere and it can be really hard[...]
How to read nutrition labels to help you lose weight
If you’re trying to lose weight then you should be at least glancing at the nutrition labels on the side[...]
Recipe (Selenium-rich): Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding
A deficiency in selenium can affect your thyroid and slow down your metabolism so enjoy this selenium rich pudding. Serves[...]
Is the menopause the reason for your slowed metabolism?
Has the Menopause slowed down your metabolism? Does the menopause affect your metabolism?  It certainly seems so if you talk[...]
Brand New Programme to Help Diabetics Manage Long-Term Blood Sugar Levels
There are currently almost 3.7 million people in the UK who have been diagnosed with diabetes and it’s estimated that[...]
Recipe (Dairy-free): Chocolate Ice “Cream”
Serves 2 3 bananas, sliced and frozen 2 tsp cacao powder, unsweetened 1 tbsp almond butter Instructions Place frozen bananas[...]
Is the dairy in your diet making you store belly fat?
Dairy Intolerance (Lactose, Casein, and Whey) Having a food intolerance is not fun. It can cause abdominal pain, discomfort, and[...]
Food Preservatives – What You Need To Know
Food preservatives are common in our foods these days. It’s nearly impossible to stay away from them because of the[...]
Is what you know about healthy eating making you fat and tired?
Oh wow – nutrition and diet info is everywhere! And each expert and association tries to lead you in their[...]
Three tips to avoid over-eating at meals
It can be so easy to overeat at special events and meals out with friends. And it's not just the[...]
Three fabulous breakfast foods
Do you love your breakfast?  Do you have a short list of “go-to” recipes?  Or do you need a bit[...]
Everything You Need To Know About Cholesterol
Cholesterol Myths and What to Eat Instead Historically there's been a bit of an over-emphasis (borderlining obsession) about cholesterol and[...]
How to Improve Gut Health – 29th May – World Digestive Health Day
Hippocrates said, “All disease begins in the gut.” And while this may not be 100% true for every disease in[...]
Good Posture is Essential For Good Health
Our modern lifestyles are doing nothing good for our posture and consequently our health.   All those millions of years learning[...]
Why Your Waist Circumference Matters 100x More Than What You Weigh
Do you want to ditch the scales? Or are you obsessed with your weight? I mean, it doesn't define you[...]
You Know Lack of Sleep Affects Weight Loss, Right?
Have you said bye bye to sleeping through the night? Are you feeling exhausted or “running on stress hormones” all[...]
Coffee… Should you be drinking it or not?
Coffee is a bit of a Marmite drink - most either love it or hate it.   And it's not[...]
Is counting calories a good way to lose weight? Or is there a better way?
Nutrition and diet info is everywhere, I mean absolutely everywhere! And every expert tries to convince you that they know[...]
Exercise away your troubles and manage stress with movement
Lots of people do exercise for the physical benefits they get from it without really thinking about the mental benefits[...]
Is your slow metabolism stopping you from losing weight?
First of all, what is metabolism?  After all, it’s a word that here a lot about these days. Well technically[...]
Are Your Food Rules Helping You?
During Eating Disorders Awareness Week (27th Feb - 5th March 2018) I started to think about the food rules that[...]
Chocolate – A health gift from the Gods?
Cocoa - The health Benefits Theobroma cacoa is the name of the plant that provides raw cocoa, the main ingredient[...]
Fire Up Your Powerhouse – Burn calories and avoid pain!
Glutes, they’re the biggest group of muscles in the body and sit between the upper body, lower body and core. [...]
Do You Even Know Where You’re Going?
Zig Ziglar once said "If you aim at nothing, you'll hit it every time". And he's absolutely right. We all[...]
How to Fit Exercise into a Busy Day
Still wondering how to fit exercise into a busy schedule even though the days are getting longer? We cram our[...]
The Importance of Sleep for Weight Loss
Recently we’ve been talking to a lot of ladies about sleep in relation to their results on their weight loss[...]
12 Things You Can Do To Increase Your Fat Loss
Making big changes and trying to overhaul your life to lose weight might seem like the best thing to do[...]
Get Better Results In Less Training Time with HiiT
High intensity interval training (HIIT) is when you alternate between high and low intensity exercise(s) or between high intensity exercise[...]
Yeah But… You Already Know This
How often have you got some very sound direction from someone with more knowledge on a subject than yourself and[...]
Lets get intense… HIIT
When your workout isn’t working out!Did you know that you’ll experience a 2-4% decline in your resting metabolic rate with[...]
Myzone Heart Rate Zones – Purposes and Benefits
Do you feel like you’re not working out hard enough unless you’re in the red zone? Some people do seem[...]
Is Pleasure or Pain Motivating You?
Motivation tends to fall in one of two categories, either you’re moving towards something that will bring us pleasure or[...]
Should You Always Be Aiming for Max Heart Rate?
In this article the Myzone master trainers address some frequently asked questions about the RED ZONE!!!Is it safe to get[...]
Have you got a bit too much bounce?
Did you know three quarters of women who exercise in the UK wear the wrong kind of bra for working[...]