Brand New Programme to Help Diabetics Manage Long-Term Blood Sugar Levels

There are currently almost 3.7 million people in the UK who have been diagnosed with diabetes and it’s estimated that there are up to 1 million with Type 2 who haven’t yet been diagnosed.

Metabolic Fit is a new training programme for regulating blood sugar levels.

Since 1998, the number of people suffering from diabetes has increased by 38 percent – and the number continues to rise. According to a Canadian study, diabetes shortens life by an average of more than 12 years. To prevent this from happening, physical activity is essential, in addition to nutrition.

eGym carried out a Germany-wide six-month diabetes study with users training on the eGym machines.  Conducted in cooperation with the University of Leipzig, the study investigated the impact of different types of training on important disease-related parameters.

The study showed that combined strength and endurance training was the most effective training to improve long-term blood sugar levels (HbA1c), cardiovascular performance and quality of life.

The corresponding training parameters have been transferred to fit. eGym‘s software driven training and are the basis of the new training programme Metabolic