Why Now is the Perfect Time to Get Creative at Home

Feeling a little lost and bored with restructured or missing routines and more time on your hands? Now is the perfect time to unleash your creative side.

You Have Longer Stretches of Time to Be Creative

When you think of the reasons you weren’t able to be more creative in the past then at least one of them was probably from lack of time. Life gets busy, and since being artistic or creative or doing something for fun is rarely a priority in people’s lives anymore, it’s natural to miss out on these fun things.

But recently lack of time hasn’t been a valid reason for many people. Don’t let this free time go to waste! It’s the perfect time to pick up a hobby that you’ve neglected or to learn and indulge in a new skill.

You Might Have More Time Alone

 Although spending time with friends and family is great fun and good for you, so is spending some time alone.  It gives your brain time to process stuff and slow down a little.  Also, if you spend that time alone actually doing something creative that you enjoy then it’s even better for you.

Being creative doesn’t have to mean painting.  It can be writing, stories or poetry, sketching, cooking, or knitting.  Basically, anything where you actually create something.

Being Creative Helps You De-Stress

Isolation, as we’ve just experienced, can be very stressful and ca leads to phases of anxiety and panic. A natural way to relieve those anxious feelings is by being creative. It uses a different part of your brain and can help you get into more of a mindful state. When you are drawing, painting, writing, or creating something, you are thinking more about what you are doing and are really in the moment, as opposed to thinking about what to cook for dinner, your work deadlines, or paying your bills.

Get into the moment, appreciate your creative projects, and let yourself explore what creative direction you want to take.

Being creative doesn’t have to mean spending hundreds of pounds on art and craft supplies. There is plenty you can do from home with whatever you have on hand, from drawing or writing on normal printer paper, to using your kids’ crayon or coloured pencils to teach yourself how to create art.

We’d love to see some of your endeavours.