The right programme whatever your goal!

Tailored Training for Everyone

Suitable for all fitness abilities

Our eGym training equipment is suitable for any fitness level or ability and offers a personalised workout to help you achieve your goals faster - whether your goal is Body Toning General Fitness, Weight Loss, Athletic, Muscle Building or Health.  

Simple, Efficient & Fun

After a simple set up the equipment knows you and adapts specifically to you automatically updating your progression, giving you optimum results with little fuss.

eGym workouts are efficient, fun and safe, ensuring effective workouts in a short amount of time, every time.  Two 30 minute workouts a week are all you need to help you strengthen, tone, change your shape and boost your metabolism.

Personalised Training

You get a personalised service from our coaches, who can keep up to date with your training success, provide mobile training plans specific to you and interact with you at the right time.

Have instant access to your training plan, automatic tracking of your workouts both inside and outside of the gym and measurement results including muscle imbalances and biological age via the eGym Fitness App.

Track your progress

You can collect eGym training points to move up through levels and compete with friends and other gym members.

The eGym Fitness App

With the free eGym Fitness App; you receive your training plan directly from your Trainer to your smartphone, you can check exercises and track your training inside and outside of the gym.  Also, you can see the results for your bio-age and any muscle imbalances.

Take your activity to the next level

A little extra training motivation is provided by the race against time to reach the next activity level.  Using the leaderboards, you can compare your current performance against your friends – as an incentive for that extra training session.

How old are you really?

Always wanted to know how old your muscles really are?

The biological age of your muscle groups is calculated with the #eGym Fitness App based on your maximum strength.

Maintain your body's balance

Lack of movement in daily life can often lead to imbalances between opposing muscle groups. 

With the #eGym Fitness App you can find out if you have muscle imbalances based on your maximum strength result and then you can work to improve them!

Download the app for FREE here :  Android  iOS

Benefits of the eGym training equipment

  • Dumbbell
    Supports the regulation of long-term blood sugar levels and improves insulin sensitivity
  • Improves blood pressure
  • Improves muscular response helping prevent falls
  • Dumbbell
    Increases metabolism helping to lose or maintain weight
  • Dumbbell
    Reduces the signs and symptoms of heart disease, arthritis and Type II diabetes
  • Dumbbell
    Reduces the risk of osteoporosis
  • Improves sleep
  • Reduces depression
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Dumbbell
    Improves gait and balance for falls prevention
  • Dumbbell
    Reduces back pain
  • Dumbbell
    Helps manage blood cholesterol
  • Dumbbell
    Reduces body fat

All it takes is 3 x 30 minute workouts a week

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