12 Week Diabetes Reset

Personal Coaching to help you manage your blood sugar levels

Do you want to get your diabetes under control?

We're really pleased to be able to offer the people of Chippenham and the surrounding areas who are managing diabetes access to a new 12-week programme specifically designed to help manage long-term blood sugar levels.  

This programme, known as Diabetes Reset, is the result of a German-wide study conducted in cooperation between the University of Leipzig and a number of studios using EGYM equipment. 

We'll help you...

We give you the knowledge you need to be able to manage your blood sugar levels.  This is a key aspect of managing diabetes and even achieving remission, or if you're pre-diabetic, then potentially avoiding developing the condition and having to take medication.

This coaching will be delivered digitally by email or via your phone daily.  You'll learn the fundamentals of healthy nutrition and how different aspects of your life such as sleep and stress can impact how your body uses insulin.

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Would you like our FREE diabetes recipe pack?

  Includes 21 delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks.

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Do you want to get fitter and feel great?

Exercise is one of the best ways to train your body how to use the food you eat so that it doesn't create spikes and troughs in your blood sugar.  Keeping your blood sugar stable then helps manage insulin release, avoiding the effects of diabetes.  This will help you to feel much better.

The programme consists of 2 workouts per week, combining gentle strength and endurance training over the first 18 sessions with the final 6 focusing on increasing muscle capacity.  Not only will your body manage it's hormonal responses better from the training but you'll be stronger so everything you do will feel more effortless.

Many of our members find that general aches and pains they've tolerated for years just disappear too!

Do you want to meet other, like-minded people, who are managing their diabetes?

We include optional group get-togethers and a private Facebook group so that you get to be part of a community of people who are experiencing the same struggles and wins as you so that you can share elements of your diabetes journey to help each other.

Being Diabetic doesn't mean you only get to eat boring food!

As part of our programme we're including a low-carb recipe pack with over 40 delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.  There are even some lovely, low-carb smoothies to enjoy.

The pack includes two weeks of meal plans and grocery lists to make getting started super simple.

With recipes like Herby Breakfast Sausages,  Cottage Cheese Protein Pancakes,  Smoked Salmon and Strawberry Salad, Cod with Creamy Zoodles,  Tom Yum Soup with Shrimp, Banana and Strawberry Cake and Mocha Truffles you definitely won't go hungry!

Eating well can still be delicious!

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Diabetes Today

4.6 million people (6%) in the UK suffer from diabetes.

12.3 million are at increased risk of type 2 diabetes

90% of diabetics are type II which can be prevented with an active lifestyle and maintaining a healthy weight

6 years - the average number of years of shortened life for diabetic patients due to consequences of the disease

3 million - diabetes patients could get their diabetes under control with strength training and a dietary change.

Annual Diabetes Prevalence 2017 - Diabetes UK

The Study

The study was carried out with 23 diabetic patients over a period of 6 months with the subjects carrying out full-body strength training twice a week with gradually increasing intensity.  

The aim of the study was to explore the effect of a full-body strength training programme on type 2 diabetes patients. It showed that strength training is a crucial factor for the treatment of diabetes and can lead to health improvements even without controlling nutrition.

The main objective of the study was to lower the HbA1c value for the patients but the programme was found to have a positive influence on all health parameters.  9 of the 23 subjects achieved an HbA1c value below the threshold for diabetes.

The result of the study not only supported the treatment of diabetes but showed improvements in the participants general state of health and quality of life.  And who doesn't want that?

Detailed Results






Blood Pressure




Sit to Stand Test

Walk Test

Are You Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic?

As you can see from the results above you don't have to accept your Type 2 diabetes diagnosis lying down, in fact, lying down is the last thing you want to do right now for your health.  The cost of the programme is just £195 for the entire 12 weeks.

For that you get:

  •  a personalised workout programme at our facility in Chippenham or online if you're not local to us  
  • daily coaching on fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition
  • weekly in-person get togethers
  • fortnightly progress reviews
  • private Facebook group for community support
  • low-carb recipe pack with meal plans and grocery lists
  • a free app to monitor progress and track activity with a message facility direct to your coach

All our coaching is delivered by Level 4 coaches.

What to do now...

Give us a call on 01249 463002 or send us your details through the form below and we'll have a chat and answer any questions you might have.  

The sooner you start, the sooner you'll feel the benefits.  

We promise not to share your details with anyone else or to send you lots of emails.  We do send out weekly newsletters with recipes, health tips and news about our latest offers but if you'd prefer not to receive them it's a simple one-click unsubscribe.