How to Focus on Your Mental and Physical Health (When You’re Home)

Whether you are quarantined and on self-isolation or just spending more time at home, you need to focus on both your mental and physical health. They are both vital to keeping your sanity and focusing on general wellness.

Take it Easy and Give Yourself a Break

During this time, try not to stress about being perfect and doing everything right. Nobody can “win” at being home and being productive. Whether you’re shielding, self-isolating or have been furloughed, putting too many expectations on yourself is going to make your stress and panic worse. This will severely affect your mental health.

Give yourself a break and remember you are trying your best. Set small goals that can be achieved easily, but be open and flexible for things to change.

Know What You Need Right Now

What are your biggest needs right now? Take a few minutes to consider what you need the most, both for your mental and physical health. Using a journal is a great way to do this. Write down anything you think would improve your life while at home, or would make it easier.

This might mean having a schedule or routine, talking to friends online or on the phone, finding a therapist who you can work with remotely, getting in a little exercise or getting more fresh air. The sooner you understand what you need the most, the faster you can switch up your schedule to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

Get Your Body Moving

While at home, try to find ways to get exercise and move your body. This can be both exercises inside and outside your home. If you are on strict quarantine and can’t go outside, then find online workouts you can do. There is a lot that can be done even without equipment, like stretching, yoga, Pilates, and bodyweight workouts.  Don’t forget we’ve got a some great workout templates in our fitness app or you can follow our video workouts if you’d prefer.

If you can go outside, go for a walk, walk the dogs, do some gardening or home improvements, or take a family stroll every evening.

Combine Treats with Nutrition

While nutrition is very important for your physical health, restricting yourself and trying to be on a “diet” while in isolation is not going to do your mental health any favours. An easy method is to trade a treat for every nutritional thing you eat. If you are going to have a piece of fruit as a snack, maybe add a few pieces of dark chocolate. Have dessert after your healthy dinner, or enjoy popcorn or a few nuts while watching a movie after dinner.