About Us

We know that gyms can be intimidating places and that's often a major barrier for people to start exercising but we're not like most conventional gyms!

You won't find our facility full of treadmills, ellipticals and scary looking weights. Our circuit includes a number of electro-magnetic resistance machines and when you join we assess your strength on every machine.  This means that your programme is built based on your current fitness levels and ability.  

Our equipment is really state of the art.  We're the only location in Wiltshire to have the eGym machines and the to use the fitness app that goes alongside them to track activity and progress.

What's more, every 6 workouts, you reassess so as you progress, so does your programme to keep you working at exactly the right intensity for you!

On top of that, one of our friendly coaches will be in the circuit motivating you and keeping an eye on your technique so you know you'll always be getting the most from your workout.   Also, our other members, who come in all shapes and sizes, are very supportive of everyone who joins the gang!

Unlike many gyms who rarely speak to you after your induction, we'll remember your name and what your goals are.  On top of that, if we don't see you for a while we'll actually pick the phone up and check that everything is ok.  We realise that sometimes motivation can be hard to find so we'll try and help you stay focused whatever else is going on.

We believe that to live a happy, healthy life people need to eat well and exercise regularly but most won't do either if they don't enjoy it so we want you to enjoy your membership. We promote the idea that your best weight is the healthiest weight you can be and still enjoy life!

Meet The Team

Ruth - Coach, Nan and Dog Lover

The lovely Jenna - Mum of two

You matter to us so we remember your name!  It's just a small thing but so many gyms barely acknowledge their members once they get past the induction.

Inspire Fitness is somewhere friendly and supportive where people can come and be active regardless of age, size, shape or fitness levels. Everyone can increase their fitness and improve their health through activity and we want to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and supported here regardless where they're starting from.

We employ REPs (Register of Exercise Professionals) Level 3 Personal Trainers and Nutrition and Weight Management coaches so you know that you're getting sound, evidenced advice and training.  

What happens when you come to look around?

On your first visit us we'll show you round the facility and then take some time to find out what you'd like to achieve and where you're at just now in terms of health and fitness levels. You can have a go on a couple of machines to see how simple they are to use and we'll explain our programmes to you. If you have any questions we'll answer them for you and then we'll ask you to decide if you'd like to join us. You can say yes or no, either is fine but we will ask you to make a decision!

What happens when you join?

When you join us we'll book you in for your first workout. During this we'll take you round the circuit and show you how to use each of the machines to get the best out of them. This first workout normally takes about 45 minutes. After this we'll keep a close eye on your for your next few workouts to make sure that you're feeling confident with the machines and that one of us is available to help if you have any questions. Then you can use the facility whenever suits you, providing we're open of course! There are no set times, so come and workout when it's convenient for you.

Start now and be your own success story...

We will be in touch with you very soon to arrange a time to come and begin your coaching journey with us.  By sending us your details you're agreeing to us adding you to our mailing list and occasionally sending you information about fitness and nutrition that we think you might find helpful. If you wish to stop receiving these emails you can unsubscribe at any time using the link at the bottom of any email.