*** Mixed Sessions at our ladies only fitness centre ***

Hopefully you already know that we’re installing a range of fabulous new strength training equipment that adapts to every user and provides highly efficient and effective exercise programmes in short 30 minute workouts twice a week.

What you might not know is that we’re also going to be opening our doors for the first time to MEN by introducing mixed sessions during week days between 1pm and 4pm.  This means our existing women only offering is not affected as the mixed sessions will be during hours that we’ve been traditionally closed.

We are very aware that many of our members have concerns about their partners health and often don’t prioritise their own self-care in favour of looking after significant others.  We often hear them saying that they wish there was somewhere like Inspire Fitness that their husbands could go.  Well now there is!

The eGym intelligent training equipment that we’re launching on 6th October includes a number of programmes but two in particular are focussed on health.  Rehab which is aimed at those returning from illness or injury and metafit which has been proven to help diabetics manage long-term blood sugar levels.  We wanted to make sure that EVERYONE had access to these programmes as well as the usual Body toning, Muscle building, Athletic performance, Weight loss and General Fitness.