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Get strong, work up a sweat and feel the fat melt away in one of our popular kettlebell classes. Get a total body workout with one piece of equipment. Build strength and stamina while improving your core strength and posture.

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Core Ball

A pilates-based mat workout that uses 10” soft yoga “over-balls” to work the muscles of the core. A slower paced class that will challenge and strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, back, glutes and shoulders.

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Cardio Boost

Boost your cardiovascular fitness and stamina levels with these low impact cardio moves. This fun, fat-burning workout mixes a variety of cardio exercises with intervals on the strength machines.

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Zone Match

ZONE MATCH - A fun, energising, and easy to follow Group Cardio class on the gym floor that takes your heart through different levels of intensity based on the MYZONE® effort zones.  We currently run FAT BURN and HiiT versions.

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Legs, Bums & Tums

Ever popular, this class focuses on toning and strengthening 3 key areas of the body. With a mixture of standing and floor work, every week is different and will provide new challenges. Tone up, firm up and shape up your legs, bum and tummy.

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Arms, Balance and Core - A lower intensity class aimed at toning the upper body and core all while working on and improving balance.

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Walk Off The Weight

A fun, low-impact, heart-pumping cardio class totally suited to anyone who struggles with more choreographed classes like Aerobics. Bring your two left feet and join in this simple but challenging cardio class.

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Boxing for Fitness

Our Boxing for Fitness class is designed to assist with weight loss, muscle toning and increasing your fitness, all with the fun of training like a boxer but without the contact. Learn real boxing techniques from a Hatton Academy qualified instructor while challenging your fitness and co-ordination.

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Challenge your body and increase your strength with our weekly bootcamp classes. You’ll enjoy a mix of strength and cardio exercises using a variety of equipment to keep the body challenged.

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Muscle & Move

Muscle & Move is a fast paced, challenging aerobic class using optional weights for additional strength benefits.  Regressions and progressions can be given to ensure the class is suitable for all abilities.

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Coaches Choice

This class will be chosen by the coach on the floor that day.  Come along and try something different.  You might be surprised how much you enjoy a class you wouldn't have normally tried!

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Boxing will be off the circuit with no machines and is a 45 minute class.  All other classes include our strength training circuit and are 30 minutes long.

All classes are drop-in except boxing.  Please register for boxing and if you book a slot please remember to turn up or let us know you're not coming so we can offer your spot to someone else.

Please Note:  Classes may be cancelled due to:

  • Low numbers of participant
  • Clashing appointments
  • Staff holidays/sickness

Classes will not be run on Bank Holidays

We will endeavour to run classes as scheduled but remember that you're always able to complete your normal circuit.  Remember that some classes can be very busy and we may have mats or equipment on the floor which can disrupt the normal flow of the circuit.  If this is a problem for you then we recommend avoiding class times.​

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