Have you got a bit too much bounce?

Did you know three quarters of women who exercise in the UK wear the wrong kind of bra for working out!

Going without the correct support can cause breast pain and upper back and shoulder problems, even if your boobies are quite small!


Breasts are mostly composed of fatty tissue and are only supported by skin and fragile ligaments called Cooper’s ligaments. These aren’t elastic and during repetitive or high impact sports the breasts bounce and pull the ligaments, forcing them to stretch. Unfortunately once they’ve been stretched there’s nothing you can do to firm things up again – it’s saggy boob time! In addition, highly sensitive nerves are layered through the breast tissue (think erogenous zones) which excessive movement can tear, causing pain.


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A survey from Herriot-Watt University showed that even breasts sized 34A next extra support so don’t think that because you’re little this doesn’t apply to you – it still does, although the issues are more substantial for ladies who are more generously endowed. The weight of large breasts can round the posture, pulling the head forward and pushing the ribcage down. This can cause discomfort and even headaches due to compressed nerves in the neck.

Sports bras were invented in 1977 when two women sewed two jockstraps together! They’re a little more sophisticated these days.

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There are two types of sports bra, those that compress (squash) the breasts against the chest (they tend to look like crop tops) and those which hold the breasts in the same way a normal bra does. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re small (32A – 36B) and only doing low-moderate intensity exercise then a compression bar will suffice. For everyone else, the second type is more suitable.

Basically, if your boobs are moving, then you need a sports bra or if you’ve already got one, it might not be fitting very well. Try jumping up and down in front of a mirror and see what’s going on.

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