The Importance of Creating a New Routine

Our normal routines disappeared virtually overnight and it’s been challenging for many of us to create a new structure to our day. This isn’t a new normal, but a temporary new normal, so don’t panic it will be like this forever. It’s important to focus on the things you can control, one of which is how you spend your time. Here are some reasons why having a routine is so important right now.

Start Your Day with Healthy Self-Care Habits

As part of your routine, you can add some simple self-care habits to the start of your day that are easy to do and also good for your physical and mental health. Think about what will help you get ready for the day.  Many things you’ll probably already do, such as taking a shower and brushing your teeth, going through your skincare routine, and drinking a glass of water before having any caffeine.

For self-care, it might also include doing yoga or a gentle stretching routine, writing in your journal, or just sitting for a few minutes with a candle burning and doing deep breathing exercises. This really helps you to set yourself up for a good day.

Enjoy Fresh Air and Sunshine

Even if you are on isolation or have to stay indoors most of the time, you still need fresh air and vitamin D. You can get vitamin D naturally just from the sun’s UV rays. Try to get outside and soak up the sun for at least 20 minutes a day. We’ve been so lucky with the weather so make the most of it.  This might be sitting on your patio or balcony, going for a short walk, walking your dogs, or sitting on a bench nearby. This might seem simple, but the activity helps you to get vitamin D, fresh air, and ground yourself at the same time.  Don’t forget to social distance while you’re out though.

Get Daily Exercise

Another thing to add to your new daily routine is a little bit of exercise. Remember it doesn’t have to be anything strenuous – this is not the time for advanced fitness challenges. Just try to get your body moving every day. If you have a treadmill or bike at home, by all means, use it. Otherwise, you can walk, do an online workout routine, use simple equipment like dumbbells or resistance bands, or even just turn on some music and dance in your living room.  Our fitness app will provide you with workouts to follow and challenges to keep you motivated.

Routines Help with School Work and Other Changes

Your routine will also include things like chores, more cooking and baking, or helping your kids with their school work.  Having routines ensures that everyone knows what they’re doing when.  Don’t forget to schedule in time for breaks too but making chores part of your routine ensures they’ll get done and not sidelined.

If you’re struggling with your routine then a little bit of accountability can sometimes help.  We offer that with our coaching programmes so get in touch if you’d like a little extra help.