Mix and Match Workouts

Mix and match your workouts here.  Please excuse our low-quality filming, these were created on the fly to make sure we could get something out to you quickly and we don't have the equipment (or the talent ?) to produce high-quality video material.  Hopefully they'll still be fun and challenging workouts.

Feel free to turn the sound down and put on your own music.

Don't forget to warm-up before and cool-down after your workouts.  You can choose your own warm-up and cool-down or you can access the Inspire ones here:  Warm-Up and Stretches.

Please note, if you choose to do one of these workouts, you do so at your own risk.  If you have an existing injury of medical condition then we suggest you stick to workouts prescribed by your coach.  For more information about personal workouts you can email Ruth directly on Ruth@inspirechippenham.com

Feel free to share this page with your friends and family who are stuck at home.  We'd like to keep as many people as active and entertained as possible.  There'll be plenty of workouts and challenges coming out that will be member-only.

7 Min Strength & Conditioning

Here's a 7 minute workout from Jenna.  You'll need a timer and some space.  You can repeat the workout if you want a longer session.

7 Min Core

Here's a quick core workout that you can do alone or tack on the end of a longer full body workout.

Core Cushion

15 Minute core ball class with a cushion... and a dog!

Walk Off The Weight

Our ever popular Walk Off The Weight led by Faye.  This class focuses on low-impact cardio.

Kicking Cardio

Cardio workout to vent your frustration with Coronavirus. Kicking and punching your way to fitness

Dynamic Aging

A lower intensity class which includes balance, strength and co-ordination exercises

Body Conditioning Class

Join Jenna for this body conditioning class.  You know she's going to make you work hard!

20 Minute Bodyweight Strength

This is a downloadable PDF for those who prefer to follow a printed workout.  No equipment needed.

A Second 7 Min w/o

Here's another 7 min w/o from Jenna.  You can always stack these short workouts to create a longer one.

7 Min Legs

Add this quick leg workout to your day and really strengthen those pins.  Ideal for fitting into a busy day or as part of a longer workout.

Inspire 2 Move

Jenna's fabulous Inspire 2 Move.  Phew, much respect to the ladies who do this class, it's a toughie.

Kicking Cardio (not cats!)

Here's a 30 minute kicking cardio class with guest appearances from my new co-workers!

A Little Bit of HiiT

Slightly more intense.  10 Minute HiiT workout with Suzanne and Carolyn.               

15 Minute Core Workout

Get a mat or towel to lie on and join Jenna for this 15 minute core workout.

Another Dynamic Aging

Very gentle and low intensity workout with a cameo appearance.  Focusing on posture, balance and co-ordination.

10 Minute Mobility

We're all going to feel a bit stiffer with this enforced isolation and more sitting so spend some time loosening up those muscles.  You can do this daily.

24 Min Kettlebell Workout

This is a workout that was filmed for a friend so there's no instruction but you can still follow along if you've got a kettlebell at home.